About Me

In the summer of 2017 I moved back to Holland with my family after having lived abroad for 12 years. Currently I am living in Noordwijkerhout with my husband and two children.

Education / experience:

  • I Studied Health Psychology at the University of Utrecht.
  • After that I worked at the Rotterdam Delta Hospital for 10 years at different locations as a psychologist: providing individual therapy and group therapy.
  • I completed the School of Gestalt therapy, acquiring a broad range of tools to work with.
  • Study Regression therapy

Altogether I have experience in counselling / therapy since 1998 in the Netherlands, Cameroon and Switzerland providing individual and group therapy and mindfulness courses.

I have worked a lot with clients with work stress, burnout, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, loss, substance abuse, mild PTSS, Expat related problems (feeling of loneliness, revaluation of norms, values and social boundaries, future planning).

I am fluent in Dutch, English and German.